Thursday, December 25, 2008

i think..

gh hr td aku g wedding ofcemate, kak faiz di batu pahat johor..

first tyme aku tgk org sanding dgn btol2..besenyer x de la rs nk tgk sgt..
then aku tepk..

how is it feels to found someone who willing to spend the rest of their life with us??
someone who will be next to us all the time..
someone to turn talk to...
share everything we have..all good and bad things..

i think it would be great...
to see my frenz get married was sumthing..
make me think again..

will i found dat person??
will he be the only one for me??
is he the rite one for me??
how do i kno if hes the one??

they said i think too much..
how can i find the answer if i dunt think???
even if i dunt want to think..
it still der..

complicated isn't it??
things we cant see is more complicated than the one that we can..



HaNi said...

papehal...aku chop duk sebelah ko time amik gambar kat wedding ko nanti..hehe

boe messi said...

aku chop duduk sebelah wan. hahahah

a.m.e.e.r.a said...

anot dok sbelah aku blh la di bayangkn...