Sunday, July 11, 2010

Despicable ME

hi blog...

dari bbrp ari yg lps dok plan nk update... ni br la de kesempatan...

Few days ago, kami g tgk mv FREEEEEeeeee!!!! d GSC Midvalley... cite DESPICABLE ME...

Klo ikotkn mmg xkn g tgk la kt cinema if kne byr..haha tp sbb da free g je la...

it was quite gud... and FUNNY... and also CUTE... especially those 3 girls..Agnes was soooo cute!! \(^_^)/

My cousin brought her nieces Natasha & Nasuha.. Nasuha was asking for popcorn during the movie n neither of us want to go out to buy it... hahaha (see, how SYOK the movie is!! even I didn't want to miss it)

before we went back, we took some pictures with the 'the yellow creatures' board... it was sooo cute... hahah

The ticket

2 budak kecik

haha same x??


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