Monday, July 12, 2010

I have a Millionaire Mind!!

Last weekend, I went to this awesome-life-changing course, The Millionaire Mind Intensive course!!

I went there with my Mom & her friend... It was held at the Garden Hotel Ballroom

Actually I wasn’t sign in for the course, but luckily I was offered by mama’s friend (her other friend) to take her place as she can’t go because her leg was injured. And the best thing is, I went there for FREEEEeeeee!!!! (^_^)”Y

I know this opportunity doesn’t come for nothing. It was a GIVE because this course was something I really need right now. HE showed me this course as a pathway for me to expand my business and all I need to do is GO FOR IT!!! and guess wut? I DID IT!!!

I learned a lot during the whole 3-days. Some of my favorite are learning to think what RICH PEOPLE think, to do what RICH PEOPLE did, our perception on money, money personality, money & Emotion, and my favorite is learned on HOW TO MANAGE MONEY!!

There was 1 session that touched my heart. I almost cried there. It was about how we learned about money during childhood. What influence us on how we deal with money nowadays? In our culture, we’ve been teach not to talk about money. And that does create a lot of problems in most relationship. During this course, I have learned to handle money problems by changing my point of view. And this can be apply to every situation in my daily live.


Here are some pictures I took during the course

baju yg besa ye..bukan saya (=_=)"

You can be RIGHT, You can be RICH

wristband and a 5cent MONEY MAGNET! Thank You! Thank You!

During the Training


THE BOOK and 2 complimentary tickets for the next MMI (ermm who should i give this to??)

MORE complimentary tickets!!!! (who want this????)

I am FINANCIALLY FREE!!!! (InsyaAllah)

the workbook & the do-it-yourself book



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